Who We Are:

Tobacco Tours doesn't just partner with premium cigar & tobacco farms, manufacturers & factories for travel, we partner with the people of a nation who contribute their lives to industry and vocation. Tobacco Tours is made up of multi-country, premium cigar & tobacco industry professionals who strive to establish sustainable, long-term ability for Cuban nationals who share their lives, passions and labor with us.


Meaning: your travel won't just be peeking into what premium cigars & tobacco looks like in Cuba, but a total and complete experiential tour of the agriculture, manufacturing, cultural and economic impact this artistic and traditional industry offers the world. Led by professionals who labor within this beautiful industry day to day, generation to generation.


Beatriz C:

La Habana, Cuba

   Beatriz is our senior tour advisor, works in the premium cigar & tobacco industry & proudly is in charge of keeping the experience level & fun always at high energy for every tour. With a very knowledgable base handling end consumers in the cigar industry, Beatriz is a true keeper of hospitality and vip service for all of our ambassadors, ensuring every inclusive element of Tobacco Tours is at the highest standard, and is to remain that way.

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Jared I:

Miami, FL, U.S.A.

   Jared is a multi-year premium cigar & tobacco professional & lover of all things cigars. Not only does Jared handle the educational & experiential elements of the fields, farms & factories in Cuba, he also travels the globe working with numerous Caribbean & Central American premium cigar & tobacco companies from sales & marketing to tobacco purchasing. He has developed our ambassadorship program and works directly with the US & Cubas governments ensuring Tobacco Tours remains as a support for people platform.

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Eduardo T:

La Habana, Cuba

   Eduardo, or Eduardito as we call him, is our agent in charge for every tour in Cuba. A young & entrepreneurial spirit, Eduardito ensures the behind the scenes work for Tobacco Tours runs smoothly, and while ambassadors are visiting Cuba on their Tobacco Tour, Eduardito is a call away for any needs one might have. An engineer by trade, Eduardito enjoys learning, working & doing his part within the industry that constantly shapes his island in the eyes of premium cigar & tobacco lovers everywhere.

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